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To put it simply, Swagbucks is a site that allows you to earn points or “Swagbucks” to redeem for gift cards or cash, yes, cold hard cash, via your PayPal account for doing simple tasks.
The easiest way to earn these points is by using their search engine to do your daily web browsing and earn points without even thinking twice about it, but that’s not the only way to earn bucks. There are numerous other ways to earn Swagbucks that we will talk more depth about below.


After you sign up for a Swagbucks account using the smartphone app or, you can start collecting points — known as Swagbucks (SB).
These points can translate their value in two ways:
1. Gift Cards
Cash in your Swagbucks for gift cards to places like Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, Old Navy, Kohl’s, and other leading retailers.
2. PayPal
Deposit your Swagbucks as cash via your PayPal account which you can then use to shop online just about anywhere or transfer into a checking account.


So what’s the exchange rate between Swagbucks and real bucks? Most of the time, 1 Swagbuck equals 1 cent. You’ll need at least 300 Swagbucks to cash out your account. So these 300 Swagbucks would become $3 in PayPal cash or gift cards.
To put matters in perspective:
  • You may earn 40 to 100 SB for completing a survey which takes 5 to 10 minutes.
  • In terms of labor this may measure up to the federal minimum wage: You could make 100 SB ($1) in 10 minutes which would become $6 in an hour.


Stringing together enough Swagbucks surveys to create a steady flow of low-wage income isn’t likely.
Instead, you’d be spending time browsing surveys or considering product trials, and that’s time you wouldn’t be paid for. But if you are sitting on the couch binging your favorite tv shows, why not earn some Swagbucks when you aren’t doing anything else!


You shouldn’t think of Swagbucks as a job in the traditional sense. But Swagbucks can help you cash in on your usual online habits and hobbies:
  • Watch Videos
  • Shop Online
  • Buy Giftcards
  • Search the Web
  • Play Games
  • Discover Deals
  • Take Surveys
  • Swagbucks App

Swagbucks Video

If you tend to watch random YouTube videos and realize a couple of hours have slipped by, Swagbucks Watch could help you turn your time watching videos into a little spending money.
Your cash flow won’t be impressive. Watching a half hour or so of video content will earn 1 or 2 SBs — only 1 or 2 cents!
If you tab away from your Swagbucks Watch screen, the videos will pause. But you could use a split-screen to keep the videos going while you work on something else.
If you sit at a computer all day and appreciate a little background noise, you may be able to make this work.
But there are more lucrative ways to earn with Swagbucks.

Shopping Online

Swagbucks’ cash back program can generate a better return on your time. It works a lot like Rakuten (formerly called Ebates).
Just click from your Swagbucks shopping page to an online retailer such as Swagbucks will get a commission from what you buy, and it will return part of the commission to you in the form of SBs.
A typical purchase would give you 3 SBs for every dollar you spend. Your SBs can stack up a lot faster the more you shop.
Along with Amazon, Swagbucks connects to eBay,, Best Buy, and a variety of specialty stores.

Buying Gift Cards

Here’s an even simpler method for earning SBs while shopping: Use Swagbucks’ gift card exchange and earn up to 10 SBs per dollar you spend — that’s 10 percent cash back.
And, you can multiply the cash-back effect by using the gift card you bought from Swagbucks to shop online through Swagbucks.
Swagbucks has its own search engine, and if you use Swagbucks Search instead of Google or Bing, your routine searches can generate a little cash.
Installing the Swagbucks browser extension in Chrome, which makes Swagbucks Search your default search engine, can help you get into the habit.
Swagbucks doesn’t have an established reward schedule for searches, so it’s hard to predict how many SBs you’d earn. Typically, users earn a few SBs here and there throughout a routine day of web searching.

Playing Games

If you love playing games on your smartphone while standing in line or during movie previews, you could be earning SBs while you play.
You could earn SBs for playing free games, or earn cash back on in-app purchases through games like Bejeweled, Deal Or No Deal, or Casino.
In some cases, you can generate 12 to 15 SBs per dollar spent on games. You will need to turn off ad blockers and keep your Flash Player updated.

Swagbucks Discover

Some of the more lucrative ways to earn SBs require more time and thought. Swagbucks’ “Discover Deals” program, for example, rewards you for trying new products or opening new credit card accounts.
With programs like this, you have to be sure you’re not buying something only for the rewards. But if you’ve already been considering a new credit card or trying a new meal delivery service, Swagbucks can turn these choices into some cash back.
Some offers generate a few thousand SBs which would translate into some noticeable cash in your account.

Swagbucks Surveys

Swagbucks has a similar service. Every day, your Swagbucks dashboard will include a list of surveys you could take in exchange for SBs.
You’ll see an estimated time of completion and the number of SBs you could earn. You shouldn’t expect to earn more than 100 SBs ($1) for a single survey.

Swagbucks App

Naturally, Swagbucks has a sleek app for iOS and Android users to take online surveys. You can track your SBs, take surveys, buy gift cards; in short, the app gives you mobile access to Swagbucks’ web site.
I’m listing the app here because you can now find app-specific ways to earn SBs. Swagbucks Live lets you earn SBs for correctly answering trivia questions and watching movie trailers.
And just so you know: Occasionally someone posts a fake Swagbucks app in the Google Play store. Be sure you’re downloading the real thing!


So, just how good is Swagbucks? Turns out, Swagbucks is legit, and it works. Offering a variety of ways to earn “Swagbucks”, from surfing the web with their own search engine, or by simply watching some videos online. Rack up your bucks and trade them in for gift cards or cash via PayPal.
Some people think Swagbucks seems too good to be true. They wonder how you could earn actual money — albeit rather small amounts — for shopping, taking surveys, and watching videos.
This whole idea goes against our traditional expectations of trading our time and skills for money.
Here’s why it works: Money changes hands online all the time when you see an ad or get directed to an online shopping site and make a purchase. Swagbucks just shares some of that money with you.


Swagbucks has about 10 million users and has paid out more than $379 million in rewards. The company got its start back in 2008 and has grown steadily.
As I said at the top of this review, Swagbucks can’t replace your main gig, but if you’re looking for a low-key side hustle you can turn into $40 to $60 a month, give Swagbucks a try.
One of my favorite things about Swagbucks is its variety. With so many ways to earn SBs, you should have an easier time fitting the platform into your daily routine.CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR FREE

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